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Attomizers & Cartridges

The job of an e cig atomiser is to heat e liquid. This results in a cloud of vapour which can then be inhaled and exhaled in the same way as cigarette smoke.

It will take a little time to break in a new atomiser it can happen instantly or take a day or two but the power and performance will get better with time

Through capillary action, the mesh acts as a road along which e liquid travels to a heating element buried deeper within the atomiser. Then, when someone draws on their e-cigarette, the battery supplies the power to heat the element which evaporates the e liquid and results in a plume of smoke like vapour.

There are two main types of atomiser - enclosed and exposed - and both work equally well. Exposed atomisers, which are usually smaller than their enclosed counterparts, have their wire-mesh 'bridge' fully exposed. An enclosed atomiser is usually a longer tube with its wire mesh bridge nestling at the bottom. This type of atomiser makes life easier if you prefer using the dripping method (see dripping e liquid directly onto an e cigarette atomiser) rather than cartridges, because any misplaced drips will simply roll down the tube walls and onto the bridge - their intended destination.

If you atomizer gets blocked try taking the battery off and blow through the threaded end a few times

If that doesnt work then another method is to take the cartage off and blow into the end that has the l.e.d light. this should produce vapour form the atomiser, do this for 5 seconds as the atomiser cleans itself

If you find there is a build up of liquid of moisture at the atomiser wipe clean with a soft cloth don't touch the heating tip as this can damage it. if you find stray strands of cloth/ material on the tip take than away with your fingers.

Be aware that the atomiser will get hot and if you take care it will burn out make sure that the fluvial/white cotton wool type material in the cartage is damp and dose not dry out, continuous use when dry will damage and or shorten the life of the atomiser.

if a cartridge seems to be finished or producing less vapour it can still be used for a while longer. You can get more vapour and flavour from the cartridge by pulling it
out from the atomiser, turning slightly, then clipping it back in. Also, the cartridge can be topped up using E-Liquid.

Another method of smoking is the dripping method this is when you drip a few drops of e-juice directly onto the heating element in the atomiser this is siad to produice a far stronger flavour more nicotine and vapour production this method can be done with any model BUT better to stick to those with manual batteries as the are sealed units and cant get gunged up with e-juice the automatic batteries are not all sealed units

How often do you need to drip liquid As always, this varies greatly depending on the model of your electronic cigarette and how heavily you use it but as a very rough guide, you'll need to drip again after 20-30 'puffs'.


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