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PG or Propylene Glycol is the most common solution used in Electronic Cigarettes.

It is virtually inert in the body and can even be injected into the bloodstream without effect (and is the carrier liquid for drugs like Diazepam that don't mix with water).

· It is a powerful Bactericide and Virucide, and has been used in Hospital air spray projects.

· Has a robust throat hit and can dry out your throat.

· Users have been known to have allergic reactions and adverse effects due to usage.

· Is used in Antifreeze, Makeup, and winterizing compounds.

VG or Vegetable Glycerin or Glycerol or Propane

· It is more viscous (thick) than PG.

· Produces the most vapor of any other liquid

· It produces less TH.

· Can be produced in certified facilities making production much more reliable and safe.

· Not known to cause allergic reactions like PG.



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Our Headquarters

We are based in Scotland in the United Kingdom. Mr James Stirrat is our C.E.O of the company and Mr Stirrat always ensures on the best customer service deliverance to all of his customers all over the globe.

Different Flavours

How many flavours do we do? Absolutley loads of them, probabily we are the only company in the UK producing the amount of exotic flavours for consumer satisfaction. We aim to tickle the tastebuds of the entire vaping population of the UK.

Juicy Flavours

From Tobacco flavours to Sweet and Candy flavours such as Chocolate and Bannana there is plenty to choose from. We also stock E-Cigarette accessories in our store at the most competitave prices on the Internet today.

Test Our Samples

We strive to ensure that our customers are not dissapointed and receive the most sensational tasting E-Liquid available on the Internet today. We stock an exeptional amount of flavours for you to try and we also send out a free sample with each of your orders.