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E-Cig battery stuck on the on position

This could be caused by excess e liquid seeping down into the battery and onto the battery pressure switch causing it to stick. Try the following to see if it releases the pressure and resolves the problem. Remove the battery from the atomiser and then blow into the atomiser end of the battery until the LED light comes on. The action should feel similar to that used for blowing up a balloon. Repeat 3 or 4 times. If this doesn't work, repeat the blowing and sucking process on the LED end of the battery.

E-liquid in the mouth / flooded atomiser

This is quite a common problem and is usually caused by a flooded e cigarette atomiser or low powered battery. If you are sure your e cigarette battery still has plenty of charge, try this method for clearing a flooded atomiser.

Separate the e cigarette atomiser from the cartridge and battery. Hold a piece of kitchen roll or tissue lightly over the battery end of the atomiser. Blow into the cartridge end of the atomiser as though you are blowing up a balloon. Any excess e liquid will be blown out of the atomiser and onto the tissue paper. Repeat the action until there is no more e liquid appearing on the tissue. This should solve the problem.


When you're topping up or refilling cartridges, be very careful not to overfill them because apart from e liquid in the mouth, excess e liquid can kill your e-cigarette battery too.

Loss of vapour

If it's not something as simple as your e cigarette battery needing to be charged, loss of vapour may be the result of a bad contact between the battery and atomiser. The threads on an e cigarette battery and atomiser are electrical contacts which need to be kept clean in order to work.Clean the thread of your electronic cigarette battery (the brass screw that screws into an atomiser) by wrapping a wad of paper towel around the thread and twisting it back and forth. The action is rather like drying a glass with a tea towel.You can use your fingernail to get right into the grooves and ensure the contact is as clean as possible.Use the same method for ensuring the atomiser contact threads are clean too, then screw your e cigarette back together.Ensuring your battery has plenty of charge, try your e cig again to see if cleaning the threads has helped.

Cleaning your Atomiser

Boil some water in the microwave and dropp in the atties. swirl them around a little to get them completely wet. after about 5 mins drain and do it again. then once more. after blowing them out put them in the oven after cooking dinner, with the door open to dry them come back and apply a couple drops on the bridge. chances are you will get the best flavour and vapour than I've ever had. but with everything it is all trial and error nothing in life is certain

another way is the same as above but blow out all the excess water and the do a dry burn of your atomiser Connect to battery Push button until you see orange hot...carefully...not super bright (white hot). Let off button and blow down the barrel (from a distance, not with your mouth actually on it), this kind of flash cools it and also gets some of the moist air out to speed the drying process. Repeat 5-10 times... you will see that gradually (once you've got it dry) the glow will occur much quicker. Once you have it to this point, press and release the button at a rate that just holds the orange glow (kind of a manual 'pulse width modulate'). Keep this glow going for 20-30 seconds, being very careful to maintain the glow at low orange (not bright red/white) or you'll pop it. you can do this entire process again for better results (again this is not a guaranteed fix but if your atomiser is not working you got nothing to loose )

If you atty is all gunged up and wont clean easy you can try an ultrasonic cleaner but the cheapest way is just trow your dead atomisers in water with a couple Efferdent tablets you will see all the gunk rise to the top of the foam follow the cleaning with a good hot water rinse. No problems, no aftertaste, a cleans them well dry in which ever method you like either leaving over night in a hot place of the dry burn.

Carrying your Equipment

there are many ideas for this and a good few purpose built items for instance the PCC carry case charger, and hard case , but an empty eye glass case is ideal. Other ideas include a diabetic travel pouch which will fit all of your juices and equipment , ideal if travelling or just keeping it all together. to be honest there is nothing better if you have a large collection of juices and gadgets and gizmos that just a cheep tool box or tackle box Perfect with all its compartments and draws

you could just go get a cheep pair of the slim line disposable reading glasses with the thin case and use that for your cig

you could just put it in your pocket BUT be careful with manual batteries if you press the button while in your pocket you will get a nasty burn and don't think the auto batteries are any better with vibration and lots of jumping about it will activate and you will have that warm uncomfortable sensation of your leg burning if indeed that's where it is.

10 tips to avoid harsh, burnt taste on 510 atomizers

Thanks to ECF
These tips may work on other atomizers, as well.

Blow out the primer fluid on new attys

Two drops of liquid on the new atty, "puff & blow" until the atty takes on the flavor of the liquid

Don't drag too long to overheat the juice on the atty

Don't use too fast between draws to allow the atty to wick up more juice & cool down

Modify the filler (PTB or straw method) to optimize wicking and not have to top off or refill as much

Occasionally remove the filler and rinse it out, dry & refill

7. Certain flavors can handle a long, slow draw (tobacco, menthol, coffee, nut flavors) and certain ones taste better with a quick, deep draw (fruity, delicate, sweet flavors.)

8. Occasionally clean them. Methods to research include blowing them out, hot water rinse, boiling them in water with or without baking soda or vinegar, dry burns, coke and/or vodka baths. Research these before trying!!

9. Don't flood the atty or it may overwork it trying to vaporize the excess liquid.

10. Try different liquids & nic levels. Not all liquids are created equal. If you aren't satified with the vapor/throat hit, you may be overusing it and not allowing time for the the atty to wick & cool.



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