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What Is E-Liquid?

First of all you can buy prefilled cartridges for your e-cig but will cost more than filling your own (OMG I here you say "I don't want to do that") but don't worry it is simple.

No matter what your taste is whether you prefer the tobacco flavour or something a little more exotic the possibilities are endless

the different tobacco flavours you can get are Marlboro, 555, Dunhill, Golden Virginia, Hilton, Camel, Benson hedges, Lambert And so on all in low, medium & high nicotine. The high nicotine is what you will be used to if you smoke normal cigarettes .

The more Exotic flavours I mentioned earlier are split into straight and gourmet flavours

Examples of the Straight flavours are ,Apple, Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple, Lemon, Raspberry, Lime, Cherry, Banana, Blackberry, Peach, Black current, Mint & Menthol

Examples of the Gourmet flavours are Bubble Gum, Candy floss, Hazelnut Mint, Chocolate Orange, Marshmallow, Watermelon, Cream Soda, Choc Raspberry Mint, Pinacolada, Brandy Butter Rum, & Butterscotch.